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10 All in One Travel Shoes Voted by Redditors

One Reddit user,  u/timothyjc, asked a million dollar question that most of us think about every time we travel. She was looking for all-rounder travel shoes that would be worn when going out, walking all day and going up a mountain. Does anything like that exist? Most Reddit users stated they were frustrated and have given up looking for all-in-one travel shoes; finding a shoe that would work for a nice restaurant/club outing and at the same time be suitable for a trail walk is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Having said that, the following are shoes that Reddit users have worn on different occasions when traveling and agreed they found them comfortable, chic and suitable for different events. The goal is to travel in style but remain comfortable. 

All Rounder Travel Shoes

Keen’s Women’s Elsa Sneaker | $75

One Reddit user, u/dingboodle, thought highly of these Keen’s sneaker pair. She stated that the wide toe box on them keep your toes comfy and they have excellent support for both the arch and ankles. She also mentioned about how the rubber bit that comes up over the toes is especially good if you’re prone to stubbing your toes. She has worn them for hiking as well and did not have a problem.

All Rounder Travel Shoes

Clarks Desert Boots | reduced to $60

These Desert Boots by Clarks are super cool. Clarks is known for making high-quality shoes that are comfortable. These look trendy as well, therefore can be worn on different occasions. On the negative side, some people have complained that they are a bit narrow therefore you might want to get a shoe size up or try them first in the store.


All Rounder Travel Shoes

Women’s Reef Voyage Le | $65

These Reef voyage sandals are pretty and stylish enough to serve different purposes. You can wear them for an informal restaurant visit, day out sightseeing or short trail walks. You will look cool in these sandals when you choose your clothes well.

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10 All Rounder Travel Shoes

Chaco’s Women’s Cordova | Reduced to $58

These Cordova sandals by Chaco are perfect for walking. We think you will also look nice in them on a casual outing for drinks.


All Rounder Travel Shoes

Tom’s Desert Taupe Suede Women’s Vista Boots | Reduced to $99

These Tom’s boots are comfortable and fashionable. They have a faux fur lining and Insulated heel.

10 All Rounder Travel Shoes

Reef Voyage Low |$100

If these shoes are made for adventure then surely they would work for a night out and a day of city strolls. The boots have EVA support and a supported insole to insure comfortability. You cannot get it wrong when you combine a suede navy blue boot with a white tee and a blue jean.

All Rounder Travel Shoes

Rockport’s Moreza Zip Tie Sneaker | $80

The Moreza sneakers are ideal for walking and at the same time chic and stylish enough for an evening outing with friends.


All Rounder Travel Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star | $55

These converse shoes are trendy and can be worn by both women and men. The pair can be worn differently. One Reddit user stated she has hiked a volcano in these Chucks in Nicaragua.

All Rounder Travel Shoes

Birkenstocks Arizona Birko-Flor | $99

The white Birkenstocks Arizona Birko-Flor (Lighter Footbed) are not only comfortable but chic. People appreciate the fact that these shoes are roomy and have a good thick sole. Birkenstocks come in many colors, but the white and brownish colors are chic and stylish.

10 All Rounder Travel Shoes

10 All Rounder Travel Shoes

Merrell’s Around Town Buckle Slide | Reduced to $60

These leather sandals by Merrell are made of leather and look chic. They have a pigskin lining to insure comfort.

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