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6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions

Many first time visitors to Japan are fascinated to learn that it is one of the most advanced and industrialized nations in the world, yet one that has also managed to retain its traditions and cultures. Japan boasts a rich and interesting history that goes back thousands of years, and one thing you will be surprised to learn is that even before Europe got its first cathedrals, the Buddhist temples of Japan were already built.

Here are some of the top Japan tourist attractions:

Mount Fuji - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: Captain Kaieda

Mount Fuji

Undoubtedly, Mount Fuji is the most recognizable landmark in Japan, which also doubles as the highest peak at 3,776 meters. It sits over a flat landscape and is tall enough to be clearly seen from Tokyo, which is located more than 100 kilometers from the mountain.

This mountain has been celebrated for many centuries in literature and art, but now it is considered a key landmark. The UNESCO listed it among recognized world cultural significance sites in 2013. Each summer, more than one million people climb Mount Fuji; the experience around the mountain is fun and filled with a lot of things to learn about the country.

Imperial Palace Tokyo - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: James Warne

Imperial Tokyo

Also among the top Japan tourist attractions is the Imperial Palace, which is made up of beautiful architecture dating back hundreds of years ago, particularly in the 17th century. This is a must see as there are parks surrounded by moats and walls, it is a key spot where you could feed your curiosity by learning about its history and why the people of Japan regard it as a valuable asset.

You will enjoy fine views around the palace, and one will also have to remind you that if you are a lover of photography this is the ideal spot to embrace the art to your satisfaction and to help store the beautiful memories.

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The Japanese Alps and the Chubu-Sangaku National Park - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: @dgdominic

The Japanese Alps & Chubu-Sangaku National Park

Japan also celebrates having several outstanding venues of natural beauty, and most of them are designated parks that are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among the most spectacular sites, you will find is the Chubu-Sangaku National Park that is located in the center of Honshu, which incorporates a group of mountains that are usually referred to as the Hind Mountains or simply the Japanese Alps.

Around the area are some of the highest peaks, and the scenery is extremely attractive for those who love photography to explore the heights. Most importantly, it has remained a perfect spot for climbers and summer skiers, so apart from taking part in these games, you could be a spectator to enjoy the daring moves made by others who visit the Alps from various parts of the world.

Osaka Castle - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: Dib Dib

Osaka Castle

Built in 1956, the Osaka Castle was the brainchild of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a highly regarded and famous Japanese warrior and politician. At the time it was constructed, it stood as the largest fortress in Japan, but its beauty would later be destroyed by war. It has been rebuilt several times through restorations and repairs, all of which were done with ultimate consideration of keeping the original image and design by Toyotomi.

6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: Alena Zhukova

Part of the Castle includes a stone base of 14 meters tall, and this forms home to several displays that detail the history of the city and the castle. This should be an interesting point for lovers of history who are looking to understand more about Japan. Within this area is also the first temple of Japan, which preserves a lot of information about the past and the cultural practices embraced during the ancient times.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: Sarah Sofia

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

You might have read or heard about the historical Hiroshima bombing of August 1945, which apparently marked the end of the Second World War. The city where this happened is the same place you will find the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which is part of the effort to commemorate the victims of the nuclear attack, which was the first nuclear attack to happen in the world.

There are many symbols of peace, and many people visit the park to learn more about the history leading to the bombing and why peace is important to the stability and growth of a people and nation at large. The park was built at the epicenter of the blast, and what you will also learn is that the now somber area consisted of a vibrant city, which was destroyed by the war that happened during the Second World War, thereby causing the loss of resources and lives.

Fukuoka Castle - 6 Must See Japan Tourist Attractions - Christobel Travel
Photo: Super Taste Mel

Fukuoka Castle

The Fukuoka Castle is among the few examples of the majestic hilltop homes that were preferred by Shoguns as well as city rulers in the ancient times. It is among key highlights that inspire visitors to choose Fukuoka while in Japan, and this is also an interesting destination you will love to see that will not only give you a lot of information about the past but also help you appreciate the beauty of the art presented through the architecture and decorations used.

Additionally, Fukuoka is famous due to the many events it hosts, so you are most likely to take part in an interesting festival while visiting the venue. One particular event you might want to catch up with is held in July and has been celebrated for more than 700 years, due to its importance it is attended by millions of visitors.

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