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Christobel Travel is an online platform that promotes and celebrates travel, fashion, and cultural diversity. We want to inspire people to engage the world, travel, and experience the best of other cultures while staying true to their sense of style and fashion goals.

We do that by offering comprehensive essential travel information on various stunning and unforgettable travel destinations, from places to see, local transportation, accommodation, places to eat and things to know before embarking on your journey. We also share posts about travel outfits, travel accessories and best travel clothes trending; we strive to assist you in creating a stylish travel wardrobe by sharing travel outfit ideas.

Christobel Travel was founded by Christobel Mtegha. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Thank you Easy Planet Travel for naming Christobel Travel as one of the 50 Best Travel Blogs for 2017.

Thank you PromoCode for including Christobel Travel in the Top 100 Upcoming Travel Blogs.

travel in Style, Fashion Travel Blog, Travel Fashion
(New York, @dressedfordreams) (Cape Town, @the_real_chi)

Travel in Style: When we travel we have to create good lasting memories and take in the moment with style and grace. The sense of style should permeate the whole travel experience starting with the way we look and the stunning scenery we capture. Surely, we can add an element of style to all these without breaking the bank.

Defining ‘looking stylish while traveling’ is very subjective hence the reason why we consider Christobel Travel as an open forum.

travel in Style, Fashion Travel Blog, Travel Fashion
(Belize, @christobeltravel) (Santorini, @kar_agib)

To be featured: You can submit your ‘Style-conscious Travel Photos’ if you want to be featured on this website and/or on Instagram and Facebook. Submit your guest posts and pictures via; please read guest post guidelines before submitting your content. To be featured on Instagram, tag your travel photos using #christobeltravel

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