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Only content that is useful to our readers will be accepted. Topics of interest are:

  • Travel Fashion / Travel Style
  • Offer a solution to a common problem on Travel Style / Travel Fashion
  • Places to See / Things to do in (example here)
  • Quick Travel Guides (to include these subheadings: Places to See, Traditional Food to eat, Restaurants serving traditional food, Where to Stay (at least 2 hotels), Transportation (to and from the airport & around the city), Basic Things to Know(such as weather, currency and type of electric plugs) (example here)

All are welcome to contribute but preferential consideration will be given to the Christobel Travel community. There is no monetary compensation at this time.


Please observe the following guidelines before submitting your post for consideration:

  • The content must be your original work and of high quality
  • It has never been published anywhere, including your website / blog
  • If your content is posted on here, it must never be recycled / published anywhere else (this website will assume rights to the content but you shall forever be credited as content creator)
  • No SEO related content (don’t write the post for search engines)
  • Write with the reader in mind (write what you would love reading and would be informative and beneficial)
  • Not less than 800 words; not more than 2000 words
  • Short paragraphs (5 lines per paragraph)
  • You are encouraged to use subheading and bullet points to make it easy to read
  • Only use relevant links that will benefit the reader and originate from credible sources. Please don’t spam the post with your website / blog’s links (we will remove links that are irrelevant without informing you)


When you submit your post, we reserve the right to edit it before posting to insure it has correct grammar, punctuation and spellings. To improve web traffic, we might also change subheads and the post title without notifying you.


If your content will be published we will email you. If you don’t hear from us within 1 week of submitting your post please assume the content will not be published at this time.

To submit your content

Please submit a completed article, not a draft.

Email your content to with ‘Guest Post Submission’ or ‘Contribution’ in the subject line.

Include the following please:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your website URL (if you have one)
  3. A short bio (not more than 5 lines)
  4. Post title
  5. Full post
  6. If you have images please attach them – If you dont have images just submit your written work (if you are attaching images, they should be yours; please include a line in the email that states: “the images submitted are owned by me; I am not violating any copyright laws”)


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